Top 5 Australia’s Most Popular Breeds

Did your pooch make the Top 5? 

Top 5 Australia’s Most Popular Breeds

Top 5 Most Popular Breeds in Australia

Did your family dog make the Top 5?

These lovable pooches are the top 5 purebred dogs in Australia, I am sure you’ll recognise them.

  1. Labrador Retriever

Origin: Canada

Life expectancy: 10-14 years

Size: 25-36 kgs

Characteristics: Kind, Out going, Gentle


  1. Border Collie

Origin: England and Scotland

Life expectancy:  10-17 years

Size: 12- 20 kgs

Characteristics: Energetic, Keen, Intelligent



  1. German Shepherd

Origin: Germany

Life expectancy:  9 – 13 years

Size: 22-40 kgs

Characteristics: Loyal, Alert, Obedient



  1. Golden Retriever

Origin: Scotland

Life expectancy:  10-12 years

Size: 25kgs – 34 kgs

Characteristics: Kind, Friendly, Confident


  1. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Origin: England

Life expectancy:  10-15 years

Size: 11-17 kgs

Characteristics: Affectionate, Bold, Loyal

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