Doggy Day Care

Introducing Doggy Day Care

Dashing Designer Dogs is taking our love for your dogs another step further, we are introducing Doggy Daycare!

Doggy Daycare is great for many things, including interaction and socialisation with other dogs, helping separation anxiety and tiring your dogs (and their brains out) as well as giving you a guilt free day without worrying about your dog waiting at home for you. Our venue is designed to keep tails wagging and brains ticking meaning they will come home tired and ready to cuddle on the couch.


We are offering 2 different options to suit you and your dog:

Full Day Visit 8am – 4pm $44

Half Day Visit 4hrs max between 8am – 4pm $29

**Please note- Pickup after 4.30pm will incur a $15 per 15 minute fee**

Add ons:

Dog Friendly Park Run 1hr $18 1 whole hour of chasing balls, sniffing trees and meeting new friends

Vet pick up & drop off from $25  When your pup is due for a visit but can’t find the right time

Add Luxury bath & groom (CLICK FOR PRICING) for Save your time & money, come home to a tired & clean dog

Day Care pick up & drop off $15 one way $20 both ways Mount Martha/Mornington/Mt Eliza

what our day looks like

8am-9am: Drop off, saying hi to all your friends
9am-11am: Play time and brain exercise
12pm: Rest & cuddles
1.30pm: Playtime
3.30pm: Tidy up/brush before pick up
4.00pm: Dogs are picked up

Perfect for dogs that:

• Need attention
• Chew things but their own toys
• Bark during the day
• Get bored
• Can’t be contained
• Dig up the garden

And for you, if:

• You have a big week and don’t have the time to exercise your dog
• Your dog needs to be medicated while you are at work
• You are renovating with people coming in and out of the yard/house
• You have a house inspection

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