Pets and Nutrition

We urge pet owners to look more into what they are feeding their pets

Pets and Nutrition

Knowing what goes into our body is so important to us, we can feel the difference from eating a well-balanced diet to eating junk food. We pride ourselves on putting goodness into our body but when it comes to our pets, we don’t look past the flash designs and words that tells that dry food and canned food is what our dogs need to be healthy.

I have been feeding my dogs a raw diet since they were born and I see the difference in their coats, behaviour, dental health, weight and general well being. As time goes on in the grooming industry, I notice more dogs with teeth and weight problems one of these factors has to be what is in their diets. Raw dieting for my pets has proved to be the best and only way to guarantee they are getting all their nutrients in the purest, most unprocessed way. It is rewarding to be putting food into my dog I know is fueling them the same way our diet fuels us.

onto a raw diet but as people in the animal industry start to see the issues that come with kibble, more alternatives become available assisting those who want tTime and knowledge is definitely a factor that deters people from shifting their petso make the positive change for their 4 legged family members but don’t know where to start.

We urge pet owners to look more into what they are feeding their pets and how the difference of a raw diet can help them and give them the full quality of life they deserve.


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